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I'm new here and ready to recreate the world within my own eyes! ☺

Hello everyone!

My name is Jiro and I am a Graphic Designer who wants to explore the realms of the freelancing world. During my entire childhood I have always been fond of the arts and wanting the ability to create the unimaginable within my own eyes. The time of growth in my youth, I have been able to establish and create fantastic works of art using Adobe Programs on my personal computer. From editing magazine covers to making animated productions, and having the ability to achieve few long-time goals, It is comforting to say just how far I have come and to see just what other adventures will await me.

Seeing all the postive comments and responses, I summed up the courage to introduce myself here on the forums for the first time. I’m a new seller as well having only a few gigs at the moment, but I would like everyone here to check out my stuff and give their opinions so I can help improve myself throughout my time on fiverr! Thank you in advance and I can not wait to get started with becoming a part of the fiverr community!


Welcome on Fiverr!. I went through your gig. Everything seems alright. It’s better if you could include a PDF file explaining the packages in detail. If you already have, forget about it :smiley: Best of luck!

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Thank you kanishka_w! :hugs:

I’ll take your advice with that as I can now see the packages being confusing to new buyers :scream::scream:

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Just a little! Good gig for a first time though. I still can’t manage my own :stuck_out_tongue:

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Being honest, I mostly had to look through top selling gigs in my department to run up some ideas haha

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It would be a lie if most of us said no :smile: Go through the Fiverr Academy. It sounds like the ToS which none of us go through but honestly, helps you a lot.

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Welcome and good luck, Jiro! I’d like to disagree with the last comment though, personally, I´ve gone through the ToS more than once even :wink: and, unless you have already, would urgently recommend to read the ToS and also all the really helpful Fiverr Help Center articles - it might save you from having to come back to the forum to rant about something having gone very wrong. :wink:




I meant was ToS of many different things. For example, when you install some software, we don’t usually read it. It’s a welcome joke :wink:

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Hahaha, I have actually never heard of the ToS so I’ll definitely check it out!

Also thank you, I will need it :joy::joy:

Welcome here, i guess you come at right place, here many people makes their own world

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