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I'm new here. Could use some advice!


Hey guys!

My name is Martin. I’m from the small island of Malta and I joined Fiverr a couple years back to purchase a service so I know more or less how the website works. However, I have only recently created my first few gigs. I love photography and music and have been using Photoshop for the past 5 years of my life. I also love a good joke (which can be seen in my MS paint gig :wink:) My aim is to make money doing things I’m passionate about since I believe that the best services are given by those who love what they do.

I know my area is quite saturated with gigs so I’ve tried to make my gigs as unique, innovative and cheap as possible. Despite this sales and gig clicks seem to be quite hard to come by.

Do you guys have any advice as to how I can adapt my profile and gigs (or anything else) to get those first sales. Also, I’ve been reading a lot of articles on the academy part of the website and I’ve gathered that the first sales are the hardest and after that it is relatively smooth sailing. Is that really the case from your experiences?

Thank you so much for your time guys and all the best!


Hey Martin.

I guess you identified the ‘problem’, lots of competition and cheap competition.
Check Buyer Requests often so if there is any request you can do, your offer will be among the first, and your English could be a definite advantage, make use of it in the custom text you can send with your offer.
If you haven’t read about the Buyer Request feature yet, use the forum search function, there are lots of posts and good tips on it.
Don’t sweat it, some people get sales right away, some need days, weeks or months. One of the great things with fiverr is that it doesn’t cost you any fees if you don’t sell gigs.

But welcome and :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you so much for your advice :slight_smile:
I will be sure to check the buyer request page more often.


Follow this


Thank you solutions_00 :slight_smile: