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Im new here, got a message from client on fiverr

got a message from client last night but now he is off line, is he deliver his order ???


Yes. May be he placed his order to another seller. Actually buyer come Fiverr for short time. They knock multiple seller in a same time. If anyone give response in minute, he get 80% chance to get the job. Today morning a buyer knock me at 6am and I responded in 6.45am. This time he said already found someone else.


Since the previous person gave you his perspective let me share mine.

My clients send me message at any given time. I respond when I want. Even if I see the message, if I am busy or not in the office I will not respond.
Only when I am in the office and working I will respond.

I receive message at 1 AM when I sleep. I respond to that message at 10AM when I start working.
The Fiverr system doesn’t reduce my respond timing because when I am not online it doesn’t count that time. Or at least that is what I see. I do not have app so I am not “always” online. I am online on Fiverr only when I work.
I get message at 10PM and I respond and I say to the client it is end of my working hours. If he wants to continue we can do that tomorrow.

And we do.

So far I did not have many clients who are not willing to wait for my working hours, and to leave for another seller.

So responding fast is not key point in making sales.


If buyer order you you should delivry your project in timly

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I didn’t mean that responding fast is the key point in making sales. I said that Responding fast is the chance to get the job. Because, Clients knock multiple seller in same time to get perfect seller based on her requirements. So, he place order in that time if he got same. This is the matter.

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dear U r level 2 seller…u r a gem…but that boy seems new in fiverr city

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Yes, I am Level 2 for a month now, and I was level 1 for 2 months. I started in april. And at no point did I respond to client as he/she is in charge of me. I tell them this is what I do, this is my price and these are my working hours. Finish. And like you said I am now Level 2. I have a topic on that, check my featured topic on profile.