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I'm New Here. Help Me Please

Hi, I’m a graphics designer. i
I’m new here. How to create my first order? please help me. Here is my profile Link.


I personally got it thru Buyer requests and MINOR social media marketing.

Definitely send buyer requests and if you don’t see them create more gigs.

Maybe even give them different category that is close to yours, in this case, Illustrations maybe.

Good Luck and wish you all the best! :grin:

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How to write a professional buyer request ?

I can only tell you what other more successful sellers told me:

Don’t make grammatical errors, address everything buyer said in his request, keep it short and readable not just a block of text and maybe (I don’t know how will this work out) offer everything they ask for 5$ even if they have a budget of 150$ or something. Reviews are much more important then sales at start. :grin:


Thank you for your valuable feedback.

Welcome to Fiverr…!!

Hope you be doing well.

First thing, you have to identify all your skills and properly organize them in GIG. Clearly mention in the gig what you are selling and crystal clear every thing about your services.

Go to the Buyer request , you will find the bunch of projects according to your gig. Read the description clearly and sent a request to the buyer. Keep doing this way.

Share your gig on social media to get impression on your gig.

Doing this way you will be able to get orders.


During this covid-19 stay safe.

Good Luck