I'm new here ! Here are my gigs


Hi everyone !
I’m new here in the site … Check out my gigs link , share some love and tell me your opinion of my gigs because I didn’t sell any gig till now :pensive:



Welcome to fiverr…:heart:


thank you …


It should be “till”.

Good luck!!


good luck .i am also new on fiverr


good luck for you too .


@rahulgraphics @rawan900
Actually I think he means ‘I haven’t sold any gigs yet’


Hey! I’ve checked your Gigs and I believe you should edit your tags. You translate English and Arabic. I see you only used “english translation”, “translate”, “translating” but “arabic” is nowhere to be found. Buyers are usually seeking for “Arabic translation” so you might want to include it in your tags as well.

Hope this helps.


thanks for your notice … I’ll edit it .


I looked at your gigs from an English language point of view. They look fine generally; I would advise you to read through your gigs and edit out any little errors (for example a double full-stop, missing capital letters, some sentences don’t read right). Let me know if you want any help with this. Regularly updating your gigs can help, as well as changing tags. Best of luck! :slight_smile:


Thankss to all for sharing your knowledge


Tell me your opinion about my gigs titles .


‘I will translate your article from arabic to english accurately’ might read better ’ I will accurately translate your article from arabic to english’ but either would do.
I would say ‘I will manually convert’ but again the present gig title is fine. I don’t see any other problems.


Thanks a lot :heart:


@rawan900 My pleasure :sunny::grinning:


Welcome to join Fiverr market place