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I'm new here,How Can I get orders


am new saller on fiverr… How can i et first order?

I did not get any order yet…


This isn’t the category for this but:
You only joined in January. It takes time.
You’re in a category that everyone else thinks they can do too, even though they can’t so it’s likely you’ll never get orders with that gig. Sorry.
You aren’t fluent in English as you state.
You say you’re in the USA. Are you?
Correct your English; Sound more professional; Any advice anyone gives you will be the same as the advice they give everyone else so look at responses in ‘Improve my gig’ forum category; read the other forum posts; read the academy; read articles; listen to podcasts.

Then come back and ask.


I do wish there was an easy way to see people’s gigs so I commend you capital on your effort to take a look at them.

Yes English is going to be the biggest problem for you. Personally I don’t like it when a profile picture is tilted to the side either as I think that would look unprofessional.