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I'm new here.How to get I fist order.Pleae help me any one

I’m new here.How to get I fist order.Pleae help me any one.


Hello Sattan, and welcome to Fiverr! I took a look at your gigs, here’s my advice:

You have several grammatical errors in your listings, many in the first images (e.g. “contact”, “service”). That doesn’t inspire confidence in the buyer! Sometimes they think, “If this person cannot even spell-check their own gig, they aren’t going to be very careful/observant when they complete my work.” I gather that English isn’t your first language, and that’s totally okay, but you will need fluent English help to get those spelling and grammar errors off your page. Translation software misses a lot of errors.

Your gigs are good, these are useful things that people need done, but you might be - as we say - “casting too wide of a net.” If I need a background removed in, say, a family photo or a wedding picture, I am a very different customer than someone who needs background removal for 100 ecommerce items. You may want to make your gigs more specific to a type of buyer…e.g. instead of “I will remove any photo background,” perhaps say “eCommerce photo adjustment” or something similar. That way, a customer who needs eCommerce backgrounds removed will say “Aha! Here is a person who does the exact thing I’m looking for - they must be good at it.”

Welcome to our community.
Please create eye-catching gig & stay active.
You will get success very soon.

Thanks for your help