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I'm new here, i need help please


if i am asked to convert a pdf file to a fillabe or editable pdf file, what does it mean?
i am confused by these requests


Instead of just converting a document to pdf, they want parts of it to be editable - example

and then somebody can fill their name in and when the file is saved the info will be saved in the document.

So, either learn how to create editable pdfs, or say, sorry, I can’t do that - better still, add it to your gig.


thanks a lot. thiing is i can convert a pdf and edit it. i can fill in the gaps, and check boxes.
but, when a buyer wants this service, will they provide what i will write in the gaps, spaces and check boxes? thing is confusing.


You’d need to make sure you ask them for any info like that, or state clearly in your gig what you are or aren’t offering.


ok then. but is it possible to convert a pdf file to an editable format, and send it to someone while it still remains editable, such that the end user can edit and fill the form as he so wishes?


I don’t know much about it. Google is your best best. Everything you need is just few clicks away!



As @canvauser says, Google is your friend!


:sweat::disappointed::worried: thanks a bunch


Sorry, I’m not an acrobat expert!