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I'm new here, I'm here to serve


Hello Fiverrians (I just coined the word on the spot). I’m just a few days old here and it is a learning process for me. I am here to offer my expertise as a media specialist (transcription and social media management). I have heard alot about Fiverr and I’m here at last. I hope to serve anyone who purchases my gigs to thier satisfaction while building lasting business relationships in the process.

Best regards,
Mathias Lawson


You will success on fiverr. Keep always with fiverr. Use fiverr app. Be online. Learn pro tips from top sellers. Use fiverr forum to know further knowledge


Welcome to the fiverr forum. Hope, you will be successful here.


Umm, “thief satisfaction”? I don’t think that’s going to win you many customers. :neutral_face:


OMG. That was an honest error… I always knew my keyboard would conspire against me someday. Lol

Is it possible to edit? Let me see…


Welcome to fiverr forum . :sunflower::sunflower:


Thank you Ishara. The goal is to serve and succeed. :slight_smile:


Thank you sir. It feels good to be here too :blush:


Thank you Optimistishan. I know I will succeed here. People just need to start buying my gigs and they will be hooked. :grin:


Please keep in mind, though, thousands of other sellers offer the same services you do. Why should buyers hire you, and not one of the thousands of other sellers offering those services? I’m glad to see your confidence, however, if you want to out-compete your competition, you’re going to have to stand out as the only seller your target customers should hire?

What are you doing to stand out from the competition and earn your sales?


I am one who strongly believes in speed, accuracy and creativity in all the jobs I undertake. These same principles of business I have brought to Fiverr and I believe they will make me stand out.

For instance, I can transcribe a 60 minute audio or video file accurately in less than 4 hours. That’s speed, and for those who are running against time, I believe they will find my services very valuable.

I have a good sense of humor so when it comes to designing memes for social media, my creativity will be at your service. I have some training in visual arts too so all these will make my work great.


Welcome to the Fiverr Sir :blush:


Welcome! I wish you all of the best here!