Im new here, just posted my first gig, cant find it ANYWHERE?


Hey all:slight_smile:

I just joined this site, and uploaded a gig, I took a lot of time to perfect it because I wanted it to be completely genuine, and thought through to not give buyers any false hopes etc.
I am not an owner of a large company or anything like that and I am not planning to earn a ton of money here. I am just a private person who has 64k followers on insta and people ask me to help them with their insta all the time, so I thought why not make an official page for it and I found this website.

I created the gig and posted it, but cannot find it anywhere when I search for it on this page. Most of the pages that come up seem to either be from people who have been on this site for many years, or some type of scam stuff.
In fact even if I was trying to buy something I would get a headache in five minutes from all the scam stuff on here. Soooo hard to navigate through.

Is there anything I’m just not getting? Help much appreciated!



Good thing green is a soothing colour.



I asked the same question when I started… so when I see this question (2 times/day) I’m remeber to be patient :slight_smile:

Just wait around 24hrs for it to appear on the search, and also remember every time you change a picture or the prices, etc… it will take another 24hrs to show up.

Best of luck on your Fiverr adventures :slight_smile:

BTW I checked your profile and your gig is live, just not on the searches yet.


This is helpful @rockbellstudios …I was wondering the same thing about my first gig!


Hey thanks I figured it out :blush: I guess my problem is Im not a very patient person hahaha