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Im New Here...need help on getting orders

Hello, i just got on fiverr and i need help of experts to get order for my article writting and press release gig.


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As there’s tons of people selling articles, you should try to make people pick your gig instead of that other seller’s gig. So compare what others offer, and do better! It may be more time consuming or less profitable, but it’s only the initial boost you need. Once you have some good reviews and are happy with the start, you can adjust your gig so that it’s on par with other similar services.

And to further help getting orders, consider opening a blog about your gigs and do some marketing for that blog.


You can also go to Buyer Requests and see what orders buyers have for you to fulfill.
However, remember this is a place for sellers to look for jobs from buyers. It is not a place to post your gig. Ugg, 4 out of the six buyers requests I just looked at were sellers trying to promote their gigs. Fiverr really needs to put it in big red letters at the top of the page. DO NOT POST YOUR GIGS HERE. Sorry for the rant, it is my pet peeve lately. :weary:

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You indicated you sell writing gigs but there are several factors that will make a buyer NOT choose you.

  1. You indicated in your profile that your English - basic. People are not going to buy from you, if your English is basic.

  2. You have typos in your profile, and gig pages. This is a turn off for all buyers. We want our article writers/proofrreaders to have perfect writing!


Have you thought about offering something else?