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I'm new here..Need suggestion?

Hey, guys i am new here . I need your valuable suggestion. Please see my profile and gig. I already star promoting with social bookmarking. What to do next???

What to do next???



Read tips for sellers

Hey @mirajhassan,

How many views are you getting? If there are not many of them you should probably rethink your tags and gig titles (although they look ok to me).

Conversion rates are expected to be low before you get your first 5-star reviews. However another reason they are low is that you’re not showing yourself in the videos. Don’t be shy. The best way to deserve buyer’s trust is to show them why your gig is awesome and showing yourself in the process makes it more personal and more trust-provoking.

Wish you best of luck :slight_smile:

Reply to @mjgenius: thank’s

Reply to @inet_solutions: I create 3 gig. yesterday I do some social book marking. In two day my viewer in 3 gig are 49,52,65. Thank’s for your suggestion. You can show my gig here.

@mirajhassan - the person who posted the link to his books above is trying to take advantage of you and it is not a valid Fiverr seller. You can tell if you look at the profile. I’m just letting you know because I don’t want to see anyone get tricked into anything. The ad is probably promoted free books that are junk copied from the internet and once you give an email address to get the freebies, you’ll get sales emails trying to get you to buy affiliate products. Good luck with your sales.