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Im new here,what do I do after this?


What do I do after this,this is my first sale so I don’t know.Can somone tell what do I need to do or something cuz i really don’t know.Thanks !



Wait for 14 days and collect your money!

Nothing else you need to do - the gig was completed.


Hello @paco1337 !!

You can ask your buyer for feedback and ratings for your order. You can also message your buyer about your latest gigs and ask them if they want service for that gig also. You can also make buyer requests after completing orders.

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Please don’t message your buyer about other gigs - it amounts to spam.

By all means mention your other gigs in your delivery message, after that, the order is complete - no messages!



How can it be spam if we share our new gigs to the buyer! I am not forcing him to buy. Its just an acknowledgement that we can do this also.

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Anything you send a previous buyer after the order is delivered can be classed as spam and reported by the buyer, which can compromise your account - do you really want to risk it?


@bhavyamehta Sending unsolicited messages for commercial purposes is spam and a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

Also, using Minions in your profile picture (or anywhere, really) without the license from the copyright owner is a copyright violation.


@offlinehelpers , @catwriter !

If that so, I have so many cartoon characters which are printed on t-shirts, Sold in various goods and enjoyed on cakes. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: it’s kind of having interest on them. I am not taking then as my company logo or anything by with I breach their copyrights and earns more than they earned from them (minions).

BTW, Ending conversation with like, I can message my buyer if I want to acknowledge him that I sell this gig in my account and If he want then he can order me. This is gentle request that we can also share on social media.

But as you all know better then me, I am sorry If I have made any disrespectful issue to fiverr’s terms and conditions.

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Indeed you may have characters on t-shirts etc. but the producers of those goods will have paid a license fee to the characters’ creators to allow them to be used.

Sharing your gigs on social media etc. is great, it’s just the messaging of previous buyers which can get you into trouble, and probably using unlicensed cartoon characters.




@offlinehelpers and @catwriter are absolutely correct.

Soliciting your buyers with additional offers can be considered spam and can lead to restrictions.

@bhavyamehta in regards of the copyright violation, I would strongly encourage you to reconsider what @Catwriter said to protect yourself.

If you want to keep your gigs and your account on Fiverr, I would suggest not to use copyrighted material. Your gigs will eventually be viewed by Fiverr Editors. If they determine that there is a copyright violation you can potentially loose your gigs.

Ultimatively it’s up to you, but know we are all trying to be helpful here ;).