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I'm new here :)

Is there any advice for newies ? I have read all the tips and tricks on fiverr academy, but is there any additional advice from you, more experience fiverrs ? :slight_smile:

do unique thing you can be top rated seller :slight_smile:

First of all, be patient. When I was new, it took me almost two months to start getting orders. So patience is a virtue.

Next, advertise on social media. Post your gig in facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedin, whatever works for you. Don’t be stingy with the hashtags either. I’ve reached many a repeat client this way.

With your first few orders, try to deliver almost immediately. It won’t hurt to bend your back a little for the buyers during your first foray into Fiverr. The better ratings you have early on, the better chances of your gig ranking higher and your level well…leveling up.

Check the buyer requests. A lot of buyers actually post requests and you have the option to contact your target buyer directly. You’re limited to about 5(?) proposals when you’re new so choose a buyer request wisely.

Check the competition, especially those who are doing well. See what they’re doing and see about doing it better.

Strive to be better than your best when it comes to customer service. When messages come in, try to answer immediately and be courteous and professional in answering. Mastery in written English, while not a requirement, may work well in your favor.

Lastly, never sell yourself short. This may be tempting for newies to lower their prices to get the gigs, but at least make it worth your time. Example, when I was new, I only offered $5 gigs which required little time and effort to make. That way, I am breaking even.

Best of luck! :slight_smile:

always be honest and work hard

I agree with @Gwendy730 @logo_desing @indigogo In addition to all these, I would say, try to over-deliver specially your first order, make them WOW with your service :slight_smile:

Good Luck !

You’ll make your way soon :slight_smile: