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I'm new, how to get my first order?

hi, i’m new seller, how much I have to wait to get my first order? and what I must do to have it?

What kind of gig are you doing?

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now i have two, make buisness card design and make presentation design( powerpoint ), but i’ll create other gig.

Check out the buyer’s request section, under the selling tab. You can send out offers there, I would suggest you offer really good value to get things going.

I charge 3 times more now than I did when I first started out.

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and how i can send this offers?
it’s write her :"no requests found "

hmmm maybe new sellers can’t respond post.

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yes, it is.
thanks so much for this information, i’ll work with it when i had buyers

Here’s some info about BRs-

If you want to know how to go about writing BRs, here’s some info-

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