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I'm New in Fiverr and in need of guidance!

Hey fiverr peeps! So glad to finally push myself into this ! Set up my profile and put up my first new gig but in need of help on how i can get my first order! Feeling nervous and excited at the same time. Would be glad to be able to talk to people who has the same experiences.

Thanks and lots of love to all!

My First Gig


You have need some patience and continuously send buyer requests. The buyer request system is the organic system to attract your buyer to visit your Fiverr profile.
And try to do social media marketing on your gig.
And finally welcome to Fiverr


Thanks so much for your kind feedbacks! :smiley:
May i know what does it mean by sending buyer requests? How can we do that?
Sorry i’m still new to this.


Hey yqwong, Please try to more active on fiverr and sent buyer request daily. Hope you will get order soon


when you uploading a gig according to your services niche. then you will see some of the work posts from the buyer. When you will be applied for a job them if your write the best cover letter according to your buyer’s requirement if the buyer likes your proposal then he/she will send you a message. You will send 10 buyer requests daily. Use it in a proper way.
You will get this Option: Fiverr Profile → click More → buyer request


Thanks so much for the advice and motivation ! Glad to be here !


Thanks so much for the detailed explanation! appreciate it ! :smiley:

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Wishing you success! Consider putting another gig if you feel another skillset is something that would work on Fiverr :slight_smile: Your profile looks great based on a quick look! There are lots of tips here so just look into what might work for you. A matter of trial and error until things stick! hehe

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Hello Dear, I’ve already faced this stage. It’s really very enjoyable when you will get the First order. You need to do the best SEO in your Gigs and need to promote your Gigs. And Sent Regular 10 Buyers Request. Hopefully, You will get your first order Very Soon

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Warm welcome to fiverr forum!
Take time to read through the forum for a lot of tips and information. Good luck :+1:

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Thanks so much for the guidance and help! will definitely try to add more gigs and find a new skilleset! Thanks for the motivation too! Its always difficult in the beginning

Will do! Thanks so much!

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wow ! must have felt so good ! can’t wait to experience the same! and Thanks for the encouragement !