I'm new in fiverr. How to get order?


What should i do ?How can i improve my gig ? I’m feeling disappoint


Don’t be discouraged. Making your first sale here can be daunting.
Here is what I did:

  1. Make buyer request your 2nd home.
  2. Work on your gig title, description, and tags. If you don’t know how to do that, type your gig type in the search bar. Look at the first, top 3 gigs in the search result. Let their gig title, description and tags be your inspiration.

I wish you success in getting your first sale.


Bro dont be disappointed…
First correct the tags, then use best gig images, Discription should be low not too,
Use the unique title, and use the SEO service to boost up the gig…


I will try my best. Thank you so much for your valuable advice.


I will try my best. Thank you so much for your valuable advi


Research your competitors gig.
Create Your Unique Gig Title and descriptions.
Chose tags wisely.
Monitor Your gigs impressions.
Optimize/update if necessary.
Add a video to the gig if possible.


you should promote your gig on your whatsapp groups and any app that you have installed
thanks for ask


Thank you so much for your valuable advice



Thanks for good advice.


Thank you so much bro