I'm new in fiverr, so I don't know how to promotionate my drawings


I don’t know how I must use this ;_;
But I want to promotionate my drawings by some method, but I don’t know how.


Well, there are a lot of things that you need to do.
You should promote your gig on social media. Just like on Facebook Fiverr Groups, Twitter, and many social media platform.Be careful don’t share too much in one day otherwise it will be considered spam.
You should also create more gigs then you will be able to get your first order.
You should also promote on warrior forum
You should also promote on Fiverr Forum
You should also be online on Fiverr

The first and foremost you need to have patience because success doesn’t come over a night. I hope it would help you to get your first sale
Many Thanks
Sagar Shaw


First of all!
Remove description - “I love draw,but I’m so slowly…” from your profile!
You should only show your Strength to peoples!
Buyers will visit your profile but just because of your description some will go back!
Now for promotion, you can share your gig to all type of social medias and also you can keep sending requests to buyers from buyer’s request! Send request and ask for work and attach some good images or work with your request!


Yes brother, I forgot to mention this :slight_smile:


Thank you all!! ^^
I will change that!


Your delivery time is quite long (20 days for one basic drawing?), plus you say in your gig “I could be late because I have a lot of things to do.” A lot of potential buyers will give up when they see that, and find someone else.


Okay, thank you too! ^^