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I'm new member of fiverr

I have create a new account. How to get new orders?


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I can’t see your Fiverr Profile.


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you might promote you gig one way or other way, it is good methode to get high ranking to your gig.

You can try sending requests in buyers requests, try and use good grammar, upload really good gig images, and audio/video.
Try and promote your gigs on social media, but don’t spam as it gets really annoying.
Be kind and professional to every potential buyer, don’t lose your cool, stay professional.
Practice and keep improving the quality of your work.
Overdeliver and make your clients happy as you really need those first few good reviews to get going.
Hope this helped!

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hello @aswinroy,
keep promoting your gig through social media platforms and ask buyers to buy from you

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Hello aswinroy, welcome to Fiverr world. you have to promote your gig yourself with a period of time before you getting some constant orders. you can use social medias and websites also. you should always maintain your profile neat and clean.good luck aswin wish you the best

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