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I'm new ON fiverr and I just faced Order cancelation

I just received an order through buyer requests and I used Some plugins which are not updated because I don’t Have the new license. Buyer created dispute and I just accepted without saying any word.

I WANT to know Can I recover from here because completion rate is now zero… Is it possible to survive here anymore with this current scenario?

I have zero orders, reviews. This was my first order and got canceled.

Please suggest me what I have to do now. Thank you.



Same issue happened with me when i got my first ever order. Buyer asked me to cancel the order although it was not my mistake as link provided by buyer was not working.
But i never lose hope and kept trying, now i have completed 5 orders.
what’s happened, is in the past now, and there’s nothing you can do about it. I am suggesting you that you continue applying to more buyer request and marketing your gigs to your target audience. I hope that you find another buyer soon.

Good luck


Your completion rate will be implemented in next 60 days. Don’t worry you get order hurriedly.


Thank you so much. Now I’m hopeful.

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I.A. THANK YOU. I have the ability to complete future orders. And Now I have enough hope for not quitting.

To recover you will need to get clients by promoting your gig through social media and other sites.

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I am reporting you.

Using something for resale without the necessary license is theft. Aside from being immoral, Fiverr forbids this.

We are not going to feel sorry for someone who has faced repercussions for using something he doesn’t have the license to use.

If you want to “recover,” don’t steal.


It was not stolen. Its key just get expired. Its renewal price was way more then the order.

Later on buyer used the same plugin which I uploaded to his site. He just dodged me.

It is stolen. If you use it without paying for it, it is stolen.

The license is for a term and use and that term has passed. You don’t get a free pass to do this just because it isn’t financially in your best interests.

The whole point of using licensed materials is to make your business more profitable, not to do favours for clients or charge them too cheaply to get more clients.

Never ever offer or require licensed materials unless you know you can not only purchase them, but profit.

The company who owns this doesn’t owe you free use of licensed materials and Fiverr doesnt allow using licenses without paying under any circumstances. If they did they could get sued. Read the Terms of Service.

Licenses exist for a reason. They expire for a reason.


Stop saying that. This is not how you get orders.

Social media doesn’t work that way and people are just going to spam.

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Well, I got your point. Thank you.

I think it is best not to report the OP. Just advise him, he might listen at the end of the day.
(He IMO already got what he deserved, a canceled order, he might learn from his mistake)

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This is not true. You can create things like themes for websites with plugins which the buyer will need to pay themselves to update when their licences expire.

I create websites with OCEANWP. I have all necessary licences for all the theme and plugin bundles I use. I also have full resale rights and can install as many plugins as I like on as many websites as I like. It is simply a case that a client would need to pay for their own license for the same plugins eventually.

It is not a black and white matter, and you shouldn’t really report a user for something which you may not fully understand.


Thank you dear. Actually that’s what I want to explain but you explained it beautifully. Thank you.

To be fair, it is a tricky situation. You will really need to make sure that every buyer you work with knows that they will need to pay for licences individually for things like plugins, etc. - Sadly, a lot of buyers simply aren’t going to understand (or want to understand) if you are offering budget services.

If you are selling themes you have created with plugins, you might want to look at doing that on a dedicated platform.

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I don’t know what a plugin is. If someone wants to create a thread explaining what a plugin is, giving some examples of them and when they are used, and what the licensing requirements are and how that works, it would be helpful to me and maybe others.

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Yeah, 1st I offered him the registered thing which I have but He forced me to use that one.

Actually I opened this post to know about how many chances I have for the survival or getting new orders… In future I’ll take care of that and aware Every buyer about everything.

Thank you.

Sure you can survive from having your first order cancelled. It’s not a big deal. I can’t really see how it would impact you aside from possibly making it more delayed to get another order, but I expect you will eventually.


In Sha Allah. Thank you for your best wishes.

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I said that because the seller said himself that he used the plugins without the appropriate license:

“I used Some plugins which are not updated because I don’t…”

“Its key just get expired. Its renewal price was way more then the order”

Why would he say these things if the expiration didn’t apply to him? That makes no sense. So I am not making an assumption. You are.

Check the evidence before patronizing someone. Funny that you assume I don’t know how plugin licenses work just because I made a conclusion based on what the seller actually said. I do use resale licensing myself and I know a violation when I see one.

I also know that for some plugins, to pass on the data, you need to pass on the account holder name and email address, which would breach ToS. We don’t know if it was that kind of plugin.

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