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I'm New On Fiverr Please Guide Me

Hello Every Body .
Today came an order
And reach me befor ,Was canceled by the team Fiverr, And yet 10% ( Orders
Cancelled )
This is my fault?
If not?
why so ?

It sounds like something just went wrong. The buyer might have closed their account or something else odd. It doesn’t really matter. You are so new that it’s doubtful the cancellation rate will do anything to you. You’ll likely get a few more good orders and the 10% will go down. .I wouldn’t worry about it at this stage.

Hello, ma’am, can you help me in this regard ?. Please, have a loon on my attachment file. My clicks and impression are good even though I didn’t get too much order actually I have been getting only one order in a month which is very low.


No. It doesn’t matter. Hope you will get more orders.:grinning: