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I'm new on Fiverr :)

Hey guys I’m totally new here. I just set up my gig and I don’t have any views yet. So what now?

there are several articles in the forum here that addresses issues such as yours.
i suggest you take time to study them and act accordingly, you’ll see changes soon.

It does feel a bit of a waiting game when you first start. Don’t worry, things will soon pick up. New sellers and new gigs usually get positioned higher up the listings to begin with and that can help. Make sure that your tags match your gig offering, check back on your gig description and make sure that is user friendly for the less techy types among us and then wait. And yes, as imagiwildinc says, there is a lot of useful information both in the forum and in the blogs. You could also have a look at the Buyer Requests section and see if anyone is looking for a service like yours or for something similar that you are capable of delivering.

Also, take time to read how to improve your gig´s description. Errr, that´s the advice that I read from some senior sellers. I noticed that their gigs are outstanding and they provide a clear explanation about their gig/gigs.

PS: I am new too.

Go fiverr academy.your can get you need details and check fiverr forum .

Yes, that too.

First check your gig and send buyer request

Hello thenight123,
Do you have any samples you could display of your work?
Also, since you offer to host websites, you will need to give out some sort of contact information so it’s best to ask customer support to allow that.