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I'm new - question regarding requests and orders

Hi there. I’m brand new to Fiverr. Here’s my question:
I am getting buyer requests. I am responding. Do I now just wait to see if they place an order? I’m a little unclear (obviously) on logistics and couldn’t find this information. Thanks for your help.


If you’ve hashed out the details with a buyer and it seems like they’re ready to get an order placed, it’s possible they might not know how to do it or they can’t figure out how to get what they want from one of your gigs. Try asking them if they’d like you to make an offer, then you can send one their way, but it might be a bit rude to just up and send them an offer. Then there’s the sticky situation of ‘what if they place an order just as you send an offer’? Upon having one being cancelled, would that reflect poorly on your Fiverr profile?

In short, best to ask them first if they’d like you to send them an order. If they’re setting one up themselves, then they’ll probably say so. If they don’t respond at all, well, sadly, they might have just decided not to hire you. That would be unfortunate, but it’s happened to me before where people say they’ll think about it and then disappear off the face of the Earth.

Thank you so so much!

Hi and welcome to fiverr.

you can see this post, you will find many tips and These are the Resources You Need to be Successful on Fiverr:


The advice in the first comment applies if you’ve been asking about buyer requests not from the Buyer Requests section but by people who contacted you from their side, having found your gig by browsing or searching.

If you meant you responded to requests from the Buyer Request section and you didn’t talk to them yet, contacting them won’t work unless they are also not “only” a buyer but also a seller.
You can’t contact people who are “only” buyers first, as their page is missing the “Contact Me” button. Once they contacted you, you will be able to reply to them, of course.
The reason for that being that buyers else would get spammed all the time, you should also not contact a buyer who also is a seller and could theoretically be contacted, unless they do reply to the offer you sent to their BR.

In case you haven’t found this yet, most of the “technical stuff” is explained here:

Also, welcome, and I hope one of your offers will lead to you doing your first gig soon! :four_leaf_clover:


I also have the same quire

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