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Im new seller..graphic designer and photo editing


Hello all
I am a professional graphic designer and professional photo editor
I am new with you here … There are special offers and special prices because I am new here … Be the first to be with me in this great site … We are pleased to work with you and provide services to you and your land
Greetings to all of you


Moved your post to My Fiverr Gigs. Good luck!


ok and thank you…i will move it now


Your gig title says "I will do anything in photoshop or aftereffect ". Since After Effects’ main purpose is for video not still images, and your gig packages only mention 2 to 10 photos, how is the buyer going to be able to order “anything” to be done in After Effects (ie. a video - the main purpose of the program)?

Also, why say “* Level 2 seller with excellent rating” when you aren’t a level 2 seller yet and haven’t been rated yet on Fiverr?


i understand…i change gig name now
and i hope to work