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I'm New Seller graphics designer in Fiverr

I have created a brand new profile here. I have over eight years of expertise in this field as a graphic designer. The seniors here hopefully they will suggest how I will establish myself here. Worm regards khalil


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Well, how did you establish yourself when you started out as a graphic designer eight years ago? Surely, if you gained eight years of experience promoting yourself as a skilled worker, you should be able to employ those same strategies here, that made you successful eight years ago.

Being a successful freelancer, with valuable services here, on Fiverr, is no different than being a successful freelancer with valuable services elsewhere.


Thank you for your suggestion

@jonbaas OMG, this entire morning I can’t stop laughing from your CRISP responses. How do you have patience and composure to do this without being condescending amazes me. Keep it up!


I have learned much from co-habitating with a sassy wife. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The term is graphic designer, not “graphics designer.”

You don’t need advice from seniors. You need to research supply and demand and understand the risks of being in a crowded market and learn how to research your market. These are things you must learn yourself and they are not Fiverr-specific skills.


I prepared this for logo, but it can apply to anything on Fiverr:

DISCLAIMER: I am not saying all of the bellow as an experienced seller on Fiverr, I am only on Fiverr due to COVID and in the amount of time that COVID has been interfering with regular business. I am saying this, in my opinion, as a professional with over 14 years of experience applying that in the Fiverr online environment.

I was approached privately by a lot of new sellers with the same questions, so to simplify my work, I decided to combine my replies into the topic on the Fiverr forum. Please note that 99% of everything I am going to say is probably already written in the past ten years here on the forum, but using search options is like a poison to some.

How to make good GIG?
Pretend you are a buyer and search for logo design, browse through the page and note what GIGs from other sellers attracted your eyes, what made you want to click on that, take notes, and then read their description, check their packages, and gallery. Try to utilize the best parts you find attractive in your description. Check what tags are used by top-rated sellers and sellers showing up on the first page and make adjustments to match your particular GIG.
After that put on paper realistic prices and timing, what can you do in what time effectively, and how much do you want for that? Use that as guidance to set your prices.
If you are new, getting views and orders could be hard, so you will probably have to check buyers’ requests and send out some offers.
Costumer statement option #1: I need a logo for my company.
Your reply should consist of:
a) Short introduction
My name is Marina, a professional with X (honest) experience. I want to work on this project with you for your company but to give you my best work I need more information from you. If you are interested, please review my portfolio (if you have none, then this would mean your logo gig description and gallery) and contact me before ordering for further discussion.

b) The buyer replies positively. You should ask then:
Thank you. Please provide me with the following information: name of your company, moto if you have any, colors you prefer, types of logos you prefer, do you have a sketch or sample for me to use as guidance or starting point, do you have any specific requirement. The price of the logo will depend on the complexity of your requirements. All files of logo I will deliver to you in standard vector formats, PDF, Ai and SVG. PNG and JPG are also available but not recommended for printing on large surfaces due to being bitmap form, therefore blurry in print. Kind regards.

Costumer statement option #2: Hello everyone. My name is Cyntia, and I need a logo for my blog. I work with flowers and crafts. I love animals, and I think the world is a wonderful place and I want my logo to make the world an even better place.
Your reply should consist of:
a) Short introduction
Hi Cynthia. Thank you for posting your request on Fiverr. I will be most delighted to help you with your logo design process. Since you seem to be creative, I would like you to send me some sketches or samples of logos or drawings you like so I can make something extraordinary for you. I think the world has the potential of becoming a wonderful place if we all stay positive and support one another. Let me know if you are interested in working with me. Stay safe and take care.

Costumer statement option #3: Hi dude, me need logo for my chanel, fast, like now, c’up?.
Your reply should consist of:
b) Short introduction
Hi dude. What kind of logo you need? Drawing, sketch, give me something to work with here, yu know? Life is short, let’s get your logo up and running man. I can do it. Youll get, like, vector files and all, you read me? Stay cool.

90% of the above you can apply in all your GIGs on Fiverr, regardless on what you are selling.

Stay safe everyone.

“Check what tags are used by top-rated sellers and sellers showing up on the first page.”

Why, so you can use the same tags? All that does is make the tags more competitive and less possible to rank for. That’s not how SEO works. You use low competition/high demand keywords, not high-competition keywords. How would everyone rank for the same keywords?

Also, all it tells you is what the seller thinks buyers enter to look for gigs. It doesn’t tell you what buyers actually search for to find what they want.

No, thank you. I should clarify that. Check what tags are used and use better, more optimal, more applicable to your GIG details. I did not mean to copy paste, but I see how it can be read as that.

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