Im New seller On fiverr


Im newbie here on fiverr from month. Could Check or suggest about my profile or gigs to take my first order.


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welcome to fiverr. all the best!


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Your profile and gig description needs a LOT of work, and I mean a lot.
There are way too many mistakes in spelling and grammar, and that itself is enough to drive away a lot of sellers. (The sellers will see it as a lack of professionalism, and potential communication problems)

Also for someone who claims to be someone with 10 years of experience, your skills are not showing in your images at all.
The image with the woman with the red lips and nails, her nails looks like you took a digital sharpie and drew over it.
It would be hard to get buyers if you don’t present yourself as a professional.


Thanks Zeus777. I will Improve my Profile according Your suggesstion. Thanks


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welcome to fiverr:grinning:


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if you want to someone check your gigs then please go “My fiverr gigs” section


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