I'm new to fiver and was wondering if you could view my gig and give me feedback


Hi. Thanks for looking at my gig: http://fiverr.com/insatiablegut/send-you-a-jar-of-my-homemade-apple-pie-jelly

I originally signed up to fiver because I thought I wouldn’t have to do much and could get a little extra cash (boy was I wrong). I have only been on this site for a few days now but I was lucky enough to get my first gig. After I was done I thought, "I need to keep doing this."

So, I’ve done my research and after much thinking had an idea to sell my jelly that I usually gift to family and friends during the holidays. I thought it would be perfect for this time of year because these make great gifts. If this goes well and I make it to level 1 I could be able to sell in bulk and do custom labels and decoration for things like weddings, parties, etc.

I also plan on adding new flavors if this takes off. I have lots of fun and unique jelly flavors that I want to share.

What do you guys think? Could my apple pie jelly work on here?



Hi and welcome.

I’m curious. :slight_smile:

There’s no mention of shipping costs.

  • Do you pay for shipping or does the buyer?
  • Do you ship internationally?

    Jars of jelly seem like they might be breakable.
  • How do you avert that?
  • What if they arrive broken?

  • What if someone became ill (or claimed illness) after using your product?

    Good luck!


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Hi and thank you for the feed back! I always see your posts on here :slight_smile: Those are great questions that I need to edit into my description.

The shipping cost for 1 jar of jelly is set at 5.60 (but i think fiverr charges a little more to the costumer, right?), which is as close to the actual shipping cost as I could get. After ingredients, supplies, and time, I am looking at little profit. However I’m hoping I could use this as a way to get it out there and have people to try it. I figured i would be able to offer better services when/if I reach level one. Until then, I am offering more if you order more than once, for example: 1 order = 1 jar, 2 orders = 3 jars, 3 orders = 8, 4 orders = 12.

Shipping internationally wouldn’t be feasible at this time. If fiverr didn’t have the preset shipping costs, I possibly could have.

As for the jars being broken…I have not actually thought of that or encountered this situation. I use sturdy mason jars and I try to provide each box with a lot of padding and bubble wrap. Hopefully it doesn’t break but if it does I would be willing to send another on me.

I take sanitation very seriously and follow the USDA Guide to Home Canning. Boiling jars and lids, using 2-piece canning lids that show it is sealed tight, etc. Hopefully no one ever does get sick, but as you said, someone could claim to. If someone did, I am not sure how to go about that. I need to see if I would be protected under fiverr’s terms. Any suggestions?

Thanks again for the reply!



Fiverr has nothing to do with shipping or charges. That is yours to deal with.

In setting up your gig, there is a check box option for you to do this. Then you have further options for amounts to cover shipping, where you ship to, etc.

Without using this option, the buyer will just assume you’re paying for shipping. At $5 per order, you sure don’t want to pay $5.60 for shipping!

Yes I understand your sales model, 1 jar, 2 jars, etc, however as a newbie, the gig set up options are not designed for add-ons or extras. It might be wiser to just have a gig for one jar and if someone wants 2 jars, tell them to order 2 gigs, plain and simple, rather than to display and explain your mathematical progression. I seriously doubt that anyone is going to order anymore than one, initially anyway.

Fiverr is predominantly a digital product marketing and delivery service, not a hard goods marketplace. True folks sell earrings, gift cards and crafty items that are small, lightweight, easy to ship, largely unbreakable and not edible.

I love your passion and idea of making jelly and wanting to market it to the world, however Fiverr might not be the best place your product.

Have you tried your local grocery, convenience and specialty food stores?

Have you tried fairs and farmers markets in your area?

Have you tried a fall festival in your area?

Have you tried a road side stand?

Have you ever watched Shark Tank?

There are dozens of ways to market and sell a tasty, high quality food item.

Good luck! :slight_smile: