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Im new to fiver

please help me on fiverr I’m not getting any orders :sob: :sob: :sob:

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We cannot help you “get orders”. YOU are going to have to do that through your own efforts. You can start by marketing and promoting your services – just like every other business does.


Hmmmm My position is also like him.

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I have create 3 gigs but its only getting impressions, clicks and views no one giving orders. is there any problem with my gigs… :flushed: :flushed: :flushed:

Yes, there is a problem… you’re not marketing and promoting your services to the target customers who need them. YOU have to do the work, if you want more customers. Customers do not fall from the sky with the rain.

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you mean i have to share it on facebook twitter or linkedin ? :fearful: :fearful:

There are hundreds of ways in which you could market and promote something. Social media sites (if you are connected to your customers) is only one way.

You can find more ways to market by searching the thousands of articles on the internet.

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Nowadays getting a job is very much difficult on fiverr although we are professional freelancer !!!

Sharing on facebook twitter or linkedin etc does not work more… :roll_eyes:

Same problem here…

If your work is not challenging or difficult, then what reason would there be for celebrating success, or a job well done? :wink:

Being a freelancer is not supposed to be easy. But, for those who work hard, persevere, and reach their goals, it can be extremely rewarding.

Maybe. but it is not so easy nowadays.

for six months now bidding no jobs. no buyer what can i do.

Well, I see that 4 of your gig images have the Fiverr Level 1 badge on it.

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