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I'm new to Fiverr and need suggestions

Greetings to all reading this! I have been working as a freelance academic writer for about two years, and just recently decided to shift into article writing. I was working via one client that I found through social media, and had an account here since 2015. I have decided to start using this platform now, so, if anyone experienced at working on Fiverr can take a look at my profile and my gig to notify me of any shortcomings they might have, I’d be very grateful to them. Thanks in advance, have a blessed day!

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I would say remove this line completely:

As for the prices for my gigs, I have them updated regularly.

I’m also a bit confused by the multiple packages. Any particular reason you went with three and not one with a variable word count?


Thank you for replying. I will remove the line from my gig. As for the multiple packages, the reason that I opted for them was because I thought that maybe that would attract more buyers, plus I had no idea that we can put up a variable word count. So, should I just offer one package with a variable word count?

First of all welcome on fiverr @arsu997

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Thank you so much Mr. Afzal.


Your Welcome @arsu997

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It depends.

Here, see the (PPD) section for things to consider:


@imagination7413 Thank for taking out the time to quote the informative post here. I gave it a read, and as for now, as you suggested the line has been removed from the description. As for the packages, I have decided to go with a single package. Kindly review my gig and provide further feedback at your leisure, so that I can improve my gig and make it attractive for buyers. As for the video, I made a video and uploaded it more than 48 hours ago and it is still under review, does that affect my sales pitch on this gig?

At a glance, there might be better options for the last two of your tags. Beyond that, I’m a bit confused that the “Education” section in your profile doesn’t match what’s written in your personal profile. You can add more than one degree, but having an ‘other’ degree in finance doesn’t make sense.

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Okay, I’ll try to find better tags to replace the last two of them. As for my education, I tried finding BBA (Bachelor’s in Business Administration) in the drop-down menu but I couldn’t find it, so what should I do there? image

That’s likely a B.A. in Business Administration. You should probably double check, however.

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I just checked on Google and found out that a lot of people’s degrees and majors are missing from the list. So, since we have to make up for it somehow I have changed it to BA in Business Administration. At least it would make some sense to the person checking out my profile.

Hello arsu,
I hope this message finds you well.
it would be great if you find your mistakes or deficiencies by your oneself, because you know better what can you perform and how can you perform and you need to know it is not easy to get an order on fiver for beginners but it is also not impossible, everyone start their journey with zero stage and then touch the highest point and level on fiver.
Few outlines and guidelines for new beginners.
1- Make an attractive gig.
2- Write your services in points and highlight your main features and characteristics in description bar.
3- Set your price packages after comparison with your competitors, it would be beneficial for you if you try to reduce your package/price list/ because your appearance is new.
4- Set your complete requirements in your requirement portion, that would be easy for you to complete your target because in few cases buyer does not reply immediately.
5- Speculation persist regarding bad reviews deteriorate your gigs and accounts so ensure your availability on time reply your buyer, deliver your order and offer for revision, if he/ she does not seems satisfied.
6- Last but not least, it is a business platform so be a good listener and hold your patience. You will start to get an orders slowly but surely.