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I'm new to fiverr: any tips to improve my gig?

Hi! :grinning:
I started to sell on fiverr just a couple weeks ago, and I was wandering if my gig is ok, or if there’s something I could do to improve it. Thank you in advance.

Here’s the link to my gig:


Maybe do some paragraph separation and better organisation of sentences in description. Use bold highlight and formatting.
You can also turn your art to vector like I do so it looks more appealing on computer. (the lines are too thin and the images are not clear when seen in thumbnail)

You can also vectorized your profile image so it stands out, like this in small circle it is just grey blur.

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ok thank you so much! I’ll definitely try that vector-thing: I honestly never thought about it as a possibility. Thank you for the great advice!

If you want I can vectorize your profile image or one of the images for you here, or show you how it is done.

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Thank you, but I think I’m first gonna try it on my own… I’m more of a learn-by-doing type. However, thank you for your kindness!

I checked your gig,
its really nice to me,
Best of luck to you

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That is the best thing you could say.

I also have artwork and since I have to deliver them online I noticed that vectorization is the way to go. So I offer PNG and vector version of artwork.

I just recently started that GIG so we will see.

I see you already have an order, that is a great sign! Some people here wait for months for first order.

Yeah, I was lucky: I found someone in the buyer requests section and he accepted my offer whithin two or so minutes!

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