I'm new to fiverr, any tips?


i would love some helpfull tips for selling and stuff, thank you all so much! :slight_smile:


Welcome to Fiverr!
I may give you helpful tips about stuff… in fact I’m expert in stuff myself! :grinning:
Not sure about selling, though :stuck_out_tongue:
Enjoy your journey through the jungle!


You do marketing in search engine, directory and social media etc. You get traffic and sales in your gigs.


send 10 buyer request everyday,thanks


Hey @rixtvdvelde

Welcome to Fiverr.

After creating Fiverr account my friend suggested that I create a unique gig for the service I’m about to provide. By unique I mean not copying other users gig from Fiverr, whether it is image or gig description. But you can get the ideas from other gigs on Fiverr.

Before you make your first gig take a pen and paper, write down whatever comes to mind. For example- what service you’ll provide, will there be multiple packages for your service, research competitive price for your gig packages, what you need to know from your client to get started on the project, etc. There are other things which will come depending on your service and for that answers should come naturally.

After publishing your gig don’t expect to get a response from client fast. If your service is unique and has high demand then that’s a different story. I waited for nearly a year to get my first job. I was patient and did other activities while keeping an eye on the Fiverr notification. After the first job, I got nearly 100 jobs in two months btw.

When you get your first job reply to your client as fast as possible. Chat with your client as if you are a butler with tray of services. Keep in mind you’ll deal with different people from different countries. Don’t ask anything unnecessary, you might ask something very personal and hurt them unknowingly. If a client says something rude or untrue have patients and contact Fiverr customer support.

Ask for help if you need anything here. Have fun :wink:


thank you so much! that’s really helpful :smile:


thanks for the warm welcome! :blush:


Welcome to Fiverr. Check the forum for tips and there is lots of useful information in the http://Fiverr.com/Academy. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:

Edit. In your description the correct word should be “cans”.


Wellcom to the fiverr jungle :see_no_evil:
Send buyer request and share your gig in other forums and social media sites.


whoops, thanks for catching that for me! also the link is really helpfull