I'm new to fiverr... Help? Advice?


Just joined today! Looking for help… Do you think my gigs will sell? Or any good advice? I am not expecting immediate sales, I just want to make sure I am promoting my gigs the best I can.



I am also planning on doing logo, flyer, resume, and cooking gigs. I just need more time to get them set up.



I just visit your gigs link above. Here is my suggestion:


Please refer fiverr forum…

Always do your service perfectly…


Hi Friend,

WE will take you up on your offer and collect your gigs. Please collect and promote ours. We are very excited to offer some of our smaller services on Fiverr and this is pretty neat you are doing this. Here are our gigs:





Thanks again for collecting! #FollowUs on Twitter for more Louv!

The Team,


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