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Im new to Fiverr, How is my Gigs?

Hi, Im newbie for fiverr & i joined few days ago. Please tell me is there anything i have to change to get new orders?
This is my profile -

Hi, designerjkn.

I would say not to worry about it–a few days is nothing here. It can take a few weeks to really start to pick up inquiries.

Your gigs and profile look very professional The work will come.

The only suggestions I have are:

  1. Ensure you use a full gallery of images of your work. For example, as a book editor, I was hoping to see many examples of book covers, not just two. If you have not designed many yet, your profile needs to appear as if you have. It’s your showcase. Spend your “lockdown” time developing cover art, book covers and logos for your gallery.

  2. Secondly, I would recommend you do not just list $5 gigs. Just because others list their services at $5 does not mean it’s a good strategy. I got way more work when I priced high. Of course, you do not price high straight away but I personally do not buy $5 artwork! I would expect to pay a day rate–for $5-$12 I would be expecting low quality work. So, if a piece of work takes a half-day, charge accordingly or just slightly below that.

The same with timeframes. The best clients do not expect work to be rushed, so you do not have to turn designs around inside 24 hours just because others say they do. To me, that’s too fast. Again, think like a professional–if you go to a design agency, do you get 24-hour turnaround and a $5 gig for something that maybe took hours? Quote (cost and timescale) more suited to the work and to the time input–and the work will come.

The standard of your work looks good–if that’s your original work, just develop more examples and wait. :slight_smile:

Good luck!



Thank you for the advice. i will do that for sure. thanks again.

You will get success if you provide quality work and also need to have patient @designerjkn