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I'm new to Fiverr. How to I get my first order? :) :)


Why girls get all the attention ? :frowning: :frowning:

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What makes you say that???:thinking::thinking::thinking:


The Fiverr marketplace is open to everyone. Discrimination against a community member based on gender, race, age, religious affiliation, sexual preference or otherwise is not acceptable and may result in the suspension/removal of your account.

From Fiverr TOS


it’s not your concern! Do your job.


I do not appreciate your sexist comment. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Wow buddy! Really? :roll_eyes:


:expressionless: Oh my… ******************** all people here are treated equally I think). I suggest that you don’t make sexists statements like that again around here, it’s not really nice. And also, look, you are not a girl and got all the attention now…

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oh! Really…:wink:


No idea.

Why do you use a picture of a girl showing off her cleavage to promote a ‘coming soon’ page design gig?


The plot thickens. :hushed:

His ridiculous comment totally lost him potential female clientele. If I were looking for the services he was offering, I’d skip him over due to his comment.


And what forum posts has to do with your success on Fiverr? No matter who gets more attention on forum, that has nothing to do with selling your gigs.

Also, it is really bad thing to say too



Probably, to get an answer to his question. :zipper_mouth_face:


Oh wow, why do you say that? That sounded like a sexist comment!!


If they are not @nikavoice they don’t.


What a load of shite.


Speak for yourself @moinahmed656, once I see @mariokluser’s name beside a post, I am there immediately.


For the right reasons tho. :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides you’ve got an admirer, I believe his name is @eoinfinnegan . :sweat_smile:


He knows Nika, he knows


You’re cute! :grin: :two_hearts:


I know Nika, I know :stuck_out_tongue: