I'm new to Fiverr. How to I get my first order?


Hello everyone. My name is Ysadela Garcia. I’m a venezuelan woman. I’m new to Fiverr since Feb 2018 but I didn’t any get order. Please, I need some tips for getting orders. Thank you so much!


go here and read all the articles: https://forum.fiverr.com/c/Fiverr-Tips


7+ active gigs according to best practices.
Be online more than 12 hours, best if 15+ hours.


Excellent, thank you!


Thank you for your tips!


Excellent tips brother


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Just keep patients and try to stay on line at least 14 hours or more.


Why? Doing so will not guarantee you more orders. Buyers can purchase your gig packages at any time of the day – even when you are sleeping. Being online, waiting for orders, will NOT make you more successful.


It won’t give him guarantee but it will obviously increase his possibility to get noticed by buyers.

Secondly there are 195 country with different time zone,so it will increase his chances to get order from buyer from different country if he manages to stay on line for more time.


This is generally a false belief by new sellers. Your gigs are available just the same whether you are online or off. Being online all the time will NOT have a big impact on buyer traffic.


being online will not make any difference,

Just try to give the best you can and make use of the buyers request wisely.



It worked for me. So i give him my experience. With out concentrate on my opinion you can give him your suggestion.


I agree with Jon here.
Being online means you have to be active on the Fiverr site or otherwise your status will be set to offline automatically. This means you can’t really focus on the things you should be doing when you don’t have orders.

On average I’m online 1-2 hours per day. I sign in, reply to my clients, sometimes deliver an order and that’s about it. I come online only when there’s a message from a potential buyer or there’s a revision request.

I even hang out on this forum more than on the main site :slight_smile:

So my recommendation is that while you’re not getting orders stop wasting your time on Fiverr. Do external marketing, take courses to improve your skills, spend time with your family etc.


Agreed… …


Your gig is under the writing category. Based on your gig description I don’t think this is what you provide.
Secondly, have you done your market research? How many potential buyers are there for your gig? Maybe you should offer a slightly different service.


Well, yes… You’re right. Thank you so much.


You can send buyer request and promote the gigs.


Hi Ysadela, welcome to Fiverr

I think that trying to bring your own customers through your own connections and your social media might help. When I started on Fiverr some years ago, it was somehow easy to depend on Fiverr’s existing buyers. But it seems that now as a seller among millions one needs to also bring their own customers here, at least in the beginning

anyway I wish you all the best!