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I'm new to FIVERR - I cant see any requests? Do you just wait for customers to contact you?

Hi, im new to Fiverr. I recently created my profile and my gig and I would like to start offering my services but I dont see anywhere to do that. I saw there is a Buyer’s requests area, in your selling profile, under the “more” drop down menu. But I dont see any requests there. Isn’t there a way to see what people are looking for and offer our services to those related to our gig?

I dont think we just create a gig and wait for people to contact us right?

Please help.



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I hope you’re doing well.

Maybe there aren’t enough requests relevant to your gig, or maybe because of he situation of covid-19 people aren’t sending more requests.
However I would recommend you to check your gig again and see you have added correct skills and selected the correct category.

You need to send offers to buyers to get attention else it’s very difficult to get the order.

Always learn new things to increase the scope of your service and you can add more skills in your gig.

Best Wishes. :slight_smile: