I'm new to fiverr.no orders yet


i’m new to fiverr.I have created a 2 GIGs 5 days ago and i have not getting orders.Is any problem with my GIGs. Please suggest me Fiverrs…thank you


why not try to target the most wanted gig titles that can attract people and besides. check your profile and make it look real


First glance? Your problem is that you’re just not getting enough impressions which means your gigs aren’t showing up in the search results. To fix this, you need to optimize your gigs’ titles and your gigs’ keywords. Keywords are especially important because those are what make your gig show up in matching searches. For example, if somebody searches for “Widget,” but your gigs don’t include the word “Widget” as a keyword, you won’t come up in search results. I’ve got some other tips I wrote a little while ago and you can read them here on the forum if you’re interested: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/58062/32-detailed-tips-to-optimize-your-gigs-and-start-selling-today Good luck :slight_smile: