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I'm new to Fiverr : Nyx-Creations

Hello my name is Nyx. I am a freelancer, i love to write, draw, and sing. I am also an intermediate Photographer, I do mostly landscape scenery and wildlife but I’m trying to branch out to people, and candids. I recently lost another job. I had multiple anxiety attacks and my boyfriends mom actually told me about this site so I was hoping to trade in a full time retail/customer service job for this. So far I don’t have anything yet but I’m hoping to get something out of all this. This is kind of my last hope. Not working feels awful but working is just as bad, if not worse for me. I do my best and work as hard as I can. I guess I’m looking for tips to get more views and orders. Thank you :smile:

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welcome to fiverr community…Good Luck:+1:

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You are welcome to the Fiverr Forum
Read the hints of the forum
There are so many tips you need

best wishes