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I'm new to FIVERR Please help me to improve my gig

My Impression and views are going to down. How can I Improve my Gig to achieve good impressions and views
My gig Link is : MyGIG


I see your gig.
I suggest to create one gig in daily basis.
It will help you.

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What do you mean by that???
New sellers can create only maximum of 7 gigs and if he will be creating new gig every day then they will never rank in the search. No saying that similar gigs are not allowed on fiverr.

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It means that he should create a gig every day when he will complete his seven gig then analyse his the gig that is not ranking in and not getting IMPRESSIONS, delete it and replace it with new one.

Worst idea EVER. And I already explained why.


i completed my first order :innocent:

please suggest me any improvement in my gig