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I'm new to fiverr Please help me


Hello everyone.

Nice to meet you all, I’m new here.
I want to improve my gig quality.

Please see my GIG.


Please tell me what I should do to fix the gig.
Glad to see your suggestions and criticisms: slight_smile:



You’ll get more help if you post in English.


Hi Uncarved.

Thank you for reminding me of that, Do you have any suggestions for that …?


my suggestions:
Make sure all the logos in your gigs are yours, not samples off the internet or templates
Make sure your English is well done on your gigs
Submit your 10 buyers request every day
Share your gigs on social media to business people and those looking for logos

have Patience and always give your best work with a great attitude. It’s a waiting game until you get higher levels.


Thank you for your answers and suggestions.

  • Logo in my gig is original logo made by me
  • for english in my gig, i will check it out.

Nice to meet you :slight_smile:
I will be patient to wait and keep my work in quality