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I'm new to Fiverr... Would you be willing to provide some feedback?

I’m an enthusiastic student seeking my bachelor’s degree in science before going on to pursue a Master’s and a Phd. Do you have any feedback or advice for me?

Thank you!

Your profile and gigs seem to be okay… Just keep hitting up some buyers requests and perhaps someone will give you your first order to work on. And maybe you can add a writing gig on science topics? Since well, that’s definitely something of your field… perhaps it might be easy for you? hehe :slight_smile:

P.S. I know it’s an honest typo :slight_smile: but you lack one more t on “formated” in your proofreading gig.

Wonderful advice, I hadn’t thought of that! Thank you.

P.S. :slight_smile: Thanks, I appreciate the help.

Please consider adding more images and a gig video to stand out from the many other similar gigs.

Thank you very much for the advice. I will definitely update my visual components.