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I'm new to selling on fiverr, and I want to reach a larger audience and sell more

Here are my gigs:

  1. Etsy gig
    2.Shopify gig
    These are 2 out of my 5 gigs I recently posted on Fiverr, the impressions are high, but clicks are not much, how do I get more, orders, and reach a higher audience. I paid someone to help promote my gig, but she did a very bad job at it. I really want to provide the best services, but with no reviews, how do I gain customer trust and increase loyalty.

Try to active most of the time. and try to make give SEO friendly


Be patience and follow Fiverr algorithm & rules


welcome to the forum.
chek on tips for new sellers in search options.


If you get regular order on fiverr marketplace you must have to knowledge about fiverr algorithm.
I don’t think you can go far with anyone else. Try yourself

Here is some tips:

  1. Doing research on your skilled and find best keyword for your gig

  2. Use the Best URL title, SEO title, Gig title. Tags

  3. Unique and seo friendly description

  4. The most important “use good gig images”

  5. You need to know how to share gig on the social media platform and do it

  6. Send buyer request Regularly

  7. Stay Active Fiverr forum

Best of luck!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Welcome to fiverr family…

  1. Share your gigs on social media.
  2. Send 10 buyer requests everyday.
  3. SEO your gig properly
  4. Use attractive gig image. Hope it will work.