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I'm new to the Fiverr...please help!


Nice to meet everyone here! Fiverr is such an awesome community and I am happy to be a part of it.

I just posted my first gigs recently. It’s been out for two days but no one has ordered anything!! Please help!


Hello there. I am fairly new as well.
I think you are trying way too hard. “That’s why fate brought you to me” this sounds too good. I think you are more focused on selling then presenting yourself as a writer. You could share 2 pdf files from what I can remember on the gigs. Share an Article, this way people can “actually” get a sense of your writing style.
Also make sure you selected the correct categories, writing, blog post, ect.
Best of luck.


Thank you so much! I will work on improving this!


I didn’t get orders until a few weeks in so 2 days isn’t bad IMHO. I guess my gigs needed to get some exposure before things started picking up. Hang tight, you will get there. :blush:Good luck!


I am new too i also want to know how to get orders on fiverr.


I’m also facing the same problem too. I just up 2 gigs but still did not get any order from buyer. :frowning_face:


9-months later :smirk:

Create your own topic instead of :pig2: piggybacking off the OP’s thread.
Post via Improve My Gig for suggestions and whatnot.

  • Improve your Gig by checking and getting idea from others sellers Gigs in the same category.

  • Must use Buyer request section and send offers to buyers on that request that you can surely do

  • Share your Gigs Outside of fiverr (Social Media)