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I'm new to the game and received a message

Hi! I tried looking around for advice on this, but I can’t really find the appropriate thread. If it’s explained somewhere, please let me know.

I recently received a message from someone interested in a translation. I found an article on how to respond to buyer requests, but they’ve only sent a message asking me if I was willing to translate. I told them yes, but I’m not sure how to proceed. Do I tap ‘create an offer’ in the message or ask them to create a request?

Thanks in advance!


If you know enough about the job they want you to do (how many words etc.) and you want to create a custom offer rather than them buying your gig directly through your gig page, you select “create an offer” in the inbox and specify the gig and what you’ll do in the text box and specify the price etc. in there. They can then accept the offer if they want, and if they do they can create the custom order through that.

When people talk about buyer requests they usually mean those on the buyer request page, not the ones received through the inbox.

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Thanks so much, this completely answers my question!

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