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I'm new to this network 🤩


Hi, Greetings!

I’m MAMUNUR RASHID from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I’m new to this network. I need to fill in as a Graphic Designer at Fiverr. How about we present. I need to get to know everybody. Where do you live? What’s happening with you? In this way, we should talk and impart your experience to Fiverr.

Much appreciated ahead of time.


This is not a place to find employment with Fiverr. We are all independent sellers here. We are all our own bosses, and work for no one other than ourselves and the clients who hire us.

No, you don’t. You do not need to know everyone in order to be a good seller. This is not a social network, this is a freelance services site, and those of here on the forums are not here to share our life stories.

You don’t need to know this.

You can learn everything you need to know about Fiverr and how to be a successful seller, by reading the Terms of service and the Fiverr help section linked from the bottom of every Fiverr page. You can also read about the many experiences already shared on the forum. You are responsible to taking the time to study, research and learn how things work. We are not here to give you step-by-step guidelines.


You are most welcome to one of the most favorite freelancing website. We hope that you get all what you have dreamed.

Graphic designing is a great niche and a lot of people are doing wonderful by offering services in graphic designing. You too can perform good and earn too much by selling your graphic designing skills.

I think, knowing all the people here and and knowing where do all live, would not help you to become a successful freelancer. The only thing that can make you successful here is, your commitment and quality of work. So, I would suggest that you do not bother about knowing every body.

I think, knowing this would encourage you to carry on your journey. You may know whats happening with all the people here and may talk with them by remaining an active forum user.

At last wish you best of luck in your journey. :slight_smile:


I love your entrance…hilarious. Hope you find it fulfilling here at Fiverr.



Thanks a lot. @joxpress


Anytime; anytime @mamunurrashidbd.

Beside, business cards, what else do you design and are good at?