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I'm new user in fiverr forum so where can i promote my gig

i’m new user in fiverr forum so where can i promote my gig

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Share your gig social media and you have to online 16-17 hours

yes, sir but my question is can i promote gig in fiverr forum is it yes or no

Yes, you can promote your gigs on the Fiverr forum (in the sub-category “My Fiverr Gigs”)… The same sub-category in which you posted this thread.


You can not share your gick directly into the Fiverr. You must write some descriptions with your gig

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yes, sir, I have one question? I share my gig all social media but can’t work that .how can i improve ?

Make some gig more with different categories If you have some skill. In the gig page click the button of the sharing You will automatically share you gigs on social sites, Do regularly sharing of your gigs.

Check this you will get your answer as well as soon

Be patience!

and don’t address others as bro, sir etc Here on fiverr.

yes brother but my question when you first order into fiverr (i mean time )

sorry as a new man so i can’t understand

If you mention bro, buddy, sir etc. It doesn’t across As professional. and You even haven’t Idea about the person which you want to say Sir, bro. Call by Name everyone!

thank for good advice

how can i improve average spend time

Can you explain you question more? I don’t understand about your question that what you want to say?

i told that how can improve my fiverr gig average spend time

I think the Answer of this question will give you another seller because I’m not able to understand you?

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social media, FACEBOOK,INSTAGRAM,LINKDIN,GOOGLE PLUS,TWITTER, etc…and you have to online 15-17hour

how can improve average spend time in fiverr account