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I'm new user on fiverr

Hi all, I’m new user and my name is Mitchell. I’m very happy to be on fiverr. I hope to get the support from all of you. Please, help me to work in here. Thank you…


Best of luck and welcome to fiverr worldwide market place.

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Hi Mitchelli,

Great meeting you! I am a new user too.

Good luck and keep in touch!



nice to meet you. I’m also new on fiverr. :blush:


i am a new seller and i have withdraw money on fiverr first time after following all instructions .its about 4 days its still showing"Withdrawal Initiated""

You are warmly welcome to FIverr…

i am also new on fiverr

Hi! Welcom in fiverr. I am also new :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome and good luck for your future sells:):slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome and best of luck

welcome to fiverr.good luck dear.:slightly_smiling_face::bouquet:
me too, a new seller in fiverr.
Thank u…

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Welcome to Fiverr, Hope you success. I think you’ll like it.

hi, I am also new on Fiverr I’m very happy to be on Fiverr.
I have a little experience digital marketing Especially Facebook marketing & WordPress.
I hope to get the support from all of you. Please, help me to work here.
Thank you…

Take some courses to get rid of the word “little”. Otherwise your experience here lasts until your first negative review.

You’re not offering gigs that people order for fun. Most of my clients order WordPress related work for their businesses so if you decide to sell your service to a business of any size your actions may have considerable impact to that business.

I recently had to fix a website that was created by a newbie. They managed to delete over 5K client details.
Yes, the buyer should have made a backup, but the point is that an experienced developer would start with a backup of their own and would never work on a live site with real data without proper testing.

It’s a bit extreme example, but if you feel that you don’t have much experience then start by taking some courses before you sell your service.

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Did you confirm the withdrawal request via your email?


Welcome, best wishes to you on your Fiverr endeavors!

best of luck, hope u will be successful