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I'm New!



I’m a professional model, i want to promote myself here.

First i’m not fake, i just read posts saying about if i’m fake or not, Im real, here is my facebook page :

I’ts my first time working by myself, i have a contract with my agent, and now i’m allowed to work by myself on the internet.

I do it for fun.

I’ll post more gigs, and video presentations too.

Hope you’ll follow me :slight_smile:



Hi and welcome.

Off Fiver links are not allowed. If you want to make friends here and get respect, then you need to respect the Forum rules. No Off Fiverr links.

Suggestion? If you want folks to open your post, look at your gig and consider buying from you, you might want to rethink your post Headline. “I’m New !!!” is not your best move. Try a headline that is more professional.

Good luck!


Yes ok, thankyou