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Im newbie

hello my name frey

I had one month at a fiver
I come from Indonesia
I am 20 years old
I’m sorry I was not too good in English language

but I would like to know your story in a fiver
to improve my ability as well

thank you

Work on your English first. It’ll open a lot of other doors.

thank you so much for advice
I will try as much as possible

I started on Fiverr not that long ago… I’ve managed to get a lot of regular clients that keep coming back and buying from me on a regular basis. I’d say the best advice I can offer someone is to build a relationship with each buyer that orders from you. Be as friendly and kind as possible! If you’re able to, go above and beyond for your clients once in awhile by delivering your work and maybe throwing something extra.

I see you make book covers? Perhaps when someone orders one from you, you could surprise them with a few different color versions of each cover. If they’re expecting one that’s red, but you think it looks better blue, give them both!

It’s a little extra work, but buyers remember that! That’s what will bring them back to you the next time they’re looking for a book cover.

Best of luck!!!