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I'm neww in Fiverr

Hello everyone,
I’m new to Fiverr, from Italy. I only got to know this site last week. I’m a Mechanical Engineer, recently graduated, and I want to sell 3D models from easier one for personal prints to professional one for companies.

Here I’m waiting to do my first order. I hope soon.
I don’t know if I have to promote myself into other sites or if buyers will find me even if I don’t do nothing.
If you guys have free time, please feel free to give me advice about my profile and gig and tell me any suggestion to improve.


Welcome. Have patience and keep researching your niche and see what top sellers are doing. Eventually you’ll get orders.


Ciao, benvenuto! Sono nuovo anch’io, e ti dico che ci sono pochissimi italiani qua ahahahahah

Ricevere una commissione non è per niente una cosa immediata visto la concorrenza; se posso darti un consiglio, pazienta il più possibile e cerca di aspettare delle “buyer request”, le quali spunteranno sporadicamente all’incirca dopo il settimo giorno di attività. Detto questo, ti auguro buona fortuna, e se hai bisogno di qualsiasi tipo di disegno… Non esitare a contattarmi :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok grazie mille, vediamo un po’ cosa accadrà :smiley:


you are much welcome in the forum and all the best


Wishing you all the best, you will get the first order soon. Hope for the best…


Welcome to fiverr community…

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welcome to the fiverr community best wishes for you

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Welcome and best wishes for you.

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Welcome to fiverr Forum!
I wish you the best of experience :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the Fiverr Community. If you want more and more order then flow the guideline

  • First find out low competitor gig keyword.
  • Make attractive title with low competitor gig keyword.
  • First add low competitor gig keyword in the tag section (Add 5 tag).
  • Make Pro gig description with your low competitor gig keyword (Minimum add 10 keywords in the description).
  • ADD minimum 10 FAQ question with pro answer
  • Make an Eye-Catching Image with your work sample
  • And add last 2 work sample image
  • And PDF section add your work sample as PDF

I think you get more orders asap.

Thanks For your time :slight_smile:


Good luck, hope you will get the order soon.

Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

welcome to the community

Welcome to fiverr forum

welcome on friverr family

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